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The Street Art of London

It does not matter what you consider art to be, the city of London is full of it. Actually, the streets of London are full of it. Street art which is a regular and very popular occurrence on the streets of London started in the 1990s and is provocative, witty, and colorful which is why it is embraced by some and reprehensible to others.

Londonís street art is appealing to many because it is unpredictable, illegal, romantic, poetic, and challenging. On the other hand it is beautiful, delicate, and fragile. As mentioned, Londonís street art is illegal in that it is not commissioned by the authority. However, the local authority has given up on taking down the work of street artists due to its cultural and economic benefits.

The three principal street art locations in London are: Leake Street in Waterloo, Camden and East London. In these areas, you will find street artists busy at work, art fanatics on the hunt and tourists recording beautiful and interesting art work using their mobile phones. It is often said that street art reaches out and touches the souls of tourists giving them an emotional experience like none other. Itís a good thing that the best SIM Only deals are available in London to keep tourists in contact with their family and friends so that they can share this emotional experience with them.

The fact is that art comes in many forms. It is one of the best ways for people to express their ideas, emotions and opinions without the need of a voice. The street art of London expresses love and creativity and it really liven up the streets of London. Some locals cannot imagine the streets of London without street art and claim that they will look dull and incomplete.

People from all over the world are connected by art. People from all over the world go to London to experience its street art. The great thing about art is that it does not matter who you are and where you are from, you can make your voice heard with your own interpretation of a piece of art.